Tom Hutt is an italian music producer. It enters the world of techno suddenly managing to grab the first successes after just a year with the first releases on labels known in the Italian and world scene: Alchemy (superstar Mauro Picotto label), Unrilis (Luigi Madonna label), The YellowHeads label), Riot Recordings (Frankyeffe label) Respekt (Spektre label), Steyoyoke, Phobiq (Sasha Carassi label) , Bitten, Loose Records and many others. 

Hamburg 2020

His works have entered the Beatport charts several times, allowing him to be recognized as one of the new talents on the Techno scene. His tracks are supported by the likes of: Umek, Karotte, Frankyeffe, Luigi Madonna, Spartaque, Sam Paganini, Bart Skills, 2000 & One, Sasha Carassi, Pan-Pot, Spektre, Markantonio and many others … Tom Hutt’s style mixes bass and Techno versions with melodic arpeggios and enveloping pads. Aggressive vocals and synths are his trademark.

He also achieved incredible Spotify number listeners and histracks are shared in official Spotify techno and electronic music playlist (for example : Techno Bunker). 
In the last two years Tom has collected several dates outside: Italy, Albania, England, Germany, Belgium and many others are yet to arrive.